Monday, April 27, 2009

i don't like tornadoes

well....yesterday was exciting.... we had wicked bad storms. lots of wind and rain. we were in a tornado warning and it got kind of scary for a bit. the siren went off, juan headed for jon's house (juan is the smart one), tony had gone to pick up jessi in town, i continued cooking supper. (no brains). it was raining super hard, the wind was blowing like crazy and then the wind just stopped....then there was a roar like i have never heard was the scariest sound, chills went down my spine. i swear the tornado must have gone right over my head and house. my little dog, missy, hid under the bed. this morning the yard looked like a flood, it's all soaked in now though. i'll never forget that sound as long as i live., now i'll post a pic of tyler, just to make ya smile.