Sunday, June 14, 2009

little bit of everything.....

tyler is growing fast, he is 8 months old tomorrow. he's crawling really fast and is beginning to pull up on things. tony and i stopped in to see joe and tyler today and he (t) let go of the table for just a moment, swaying slightly and then sat down. lol

tony is working in wyoming still. he left a few hours ago, just called me and said he's going to drive our old car all the way, instead of getting in with "youngblood" in garden city. everyone say a little prayer, please. 13 hour drive......yuck

jessi is doing nothing so far this summer...luvs her laptop and hardly ever leaves it. we're coloring her hair today, she's going red. should be interesting........i'll use the leftovers on mine, to cover the grey. now some pictures.....

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